Industrial pins come in many types and are used for a wide range of applications - their primary use is to align, couple or assemble two components. Here, we have listed several types of industrial pins, their uses, and applications.

Grooved Pins

Groove pins are parallel and come with three equally spaced grooves, which allow itself to be pressed into the cylindrical body to deform itself and hold a component in place. Once the pin is thrust into a dimensionally accurate hole, a locking fit is achieved.

Dowel Pins

Dowel pins are mainly used to set an alignment or fix a misalignment. If the pins are internally threaded, they are extensively used for extraction from blind holes which have little to no access around them.

Taper Pins

Taper pins are internally and externally threaded fasteners which are used to align components which have to be taken apart and reassembled very frequently. Compared to cylindrical pins, taper pins do not create much wear and tear but also come with the sturdiness of cylindrical pins.

Measuring Pins

Measuring pins are high precision gauges which come with a tolerance of ± 1 µm. With its excellent wear-resistant qualities, it can be used to test small boring holes in test pieces. The pins are an excellent alternative to expensive testing equipment to measure angularity, distance between holes, dovetail guides, profile depths and groove measurements. Our measuring pins will be available from 0.50 mm till 25 mm, with a dimensional increment of .01 mm. They are manufactured using high-quality alloy steel and can be manufactured up to any dimensional standard that you require. They come with a hardness of 60-64 HRC as per DIN 2269.

The other pins mentioned above are manufactured as per ISO, IS, American and British standards. Therefore, you can get them in ISO, IS, DIN and BS standards. ITA Fasteners is an ISO certified company which stocks and manufactures a wide range of fasteners, right from nuts and bolts to industrial clips manufacturing.

We have decades of experience with providing clients from around the globe with the fasteners of their choice in a timely delivery system which does not compromise on quality. To know more about our services and the right usage of industrial pins, do get in touch with us now at

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