Machine Screws

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Machine screws are used to secure the different components of machines and other electrical components. They are smaller screws which have uniform threads and have to be used with uniformly threaded nuts or holes. In addition to machine assemblies, these screws are also used in securing tools, vehicles and electronic gadgets. There are several types of machine screws available for the aforementioned wide range of applications. Since they are used in several applications spanning several industries, machine screws come with a wide range of dimensions.

At ITA Fasteners, we stock every type of machine screws you will require for you to get your job done. We have machine screw CSK head slotted, self-tapping screw pan phillips head type AB, machine screw cheese head slotted, self-tapping screw truss pan head, machine screw CSK phillips head, self-tapping screw CSK raised slotted head type AB, to name a few.