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Fastening Bolts

Hex Bolt, High Strength Structural Bolts, Nuts & Washers, Self Clinching Studs, Eye Bolts, Wing Screw, Carriage Bolt, U Bolt, Double End Studs

Socket Screws


Socket head cap screws, Socket Countersunk Head Screws, Socket Button Head Cap Screws, Socket set screws, Socket Head Shoulder screw, Socket Low Head Cap Screws, Flange Button Socket Screws, Socket Flange Head Cap screw, Spring Plungers, Ball Plungers Slotted

Machine Screws

Machine Screws

Machine Screw CSK Head Slotted, Self Tapping Screw, Machine Screw Cheese Head Slotted, Self Tapping Screw, Machine Screw CSK Philips Head, Self Tapping Screw CSK Raised Slotted Head Type AB, Machine Screw Pan Philips, Self Tapping Screw CSK Philips Type AB, Coach Screw, Self Drilling Screw-Pan Head Type, Chipboard Screw, Self Drilling Screw-Hex, Self Drilling Screw -CSK Head Type, Drywall Screw, Lag Screws, Self Tapping Screw, Hexagon Washer Head


Fastening Nuts

Hex Nuts, Metal Insert Lock Nuts, Nylock Nut, Hex Weld Nuts, Nylock Flange Lock Nuts, Square Weld Nuts, Flange Nuts, Wing Nuts, Cage Nuts, Castle Nuts, Tee Nuts, Hex Jam Nuts, Dome Nut, Extension Nuts, Hex Cup Nut, Self Clinching Nuts


Fastening Washer

Spring Washers/Helical Lock Washers, Spherical Washers with conical Seat, Plain Washers/Punched Washers Plate Washers, Belleville Washers, HSFG Washer, Disc Springs, Taper Washer, Wedge Lock Washers, Wave Washers for Ball Bearings, Serrated Lock Washer-Internal & External, Rib Washer, Shims & Support Rings


Fastening Pins

Spring Dowel Pins, Split Pins/Cotter Pins, Solid Dowel Pins, Clevis Pin


Fastening clips

External Circlip, Internal Circlip, E-Clips

Rivets & Inserts

Fastening rivets inserts

Nut Inserts Round, Wire Thread Inserts by Helicoil/Recoil, Nut Inserts Hex, Round Head Rivets, POP Rivets, Countersunk Head Rivets, Hammer Rivet


Fastener anchors

Wedge type Anchors, Threaded Shield Anchors, Pin type Anchors, Wall Plugs, Rawal Anchors, L/J Bolt


Hexalobular Screws

Flange Bolt, SEMS, Triangle Head Bolts with Flange, Miniature screws, Shear Studs, Taper Dowel Pins, Tension Control Bolts, Spiral Pin, Wire Thread Inserts by Helicoil / Recoil / Thread Repair Kits, Tap Washers with a Long Tap, Countersunk Torx Screw, Internal Tab Washers, Hexalobular Head Bolts with Small Flange, Two Tongue Washers, Washers with external Tap

ITA caters to a wide and varied clientele, including many MNCs.

Larsen Toubro limited

Industrial Tools Agency (ITA) was established in 1976, striving to meet every fastener requirement from our clients. We also deal with a wide variety of speciality products and have the wherewithal to customise fasteners as per customer requirements. For instance, we supply unified coarse (UNC) and unified fine (UNF) threaded fasteners in a variety of sizes.

At ITA, we cater largely to engineering product manufacturers. For instance, we provide supplies to valve manufacturing, motor and pump manufacturing, gear transmission manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and elevator manufacturing companies, among others.