About us

Industrial Tools Agency (ITA Fasteners) was established in 1976 with the aim of providing high-quality fastener requirements for a range of clients. A speedy 24-hour delivery time, coupled with an extensive network of global partners to help us source products, makes us the ideal choice to manufacture and supply fasteners to suit your needs.

As dealers, we partner with a number of reputed manufacturing brands such as TVS Fasteners, Unbrako, Caparo, APL, THE, YFS, Nordlock, Recoil, Helicoil and many more. We also facilitate the production and supply of a wide variety of specialty products, with the expertise to customise fasteners as per customers’ specific requirements. Among many other varieties, we supply Unified Coarse- (UNC) and Unified Fine- (UNF) Threaded fasteners in a range of sizes.

At ITA Fasteners, we cater largely to engineering-product manufacturers, acting as suppliers for valve-manufacturing, motor- and pump-manufacturing, gear transmission-manufacturing, machinery-manufacturing, and elevator-manufacturing companies, among others.

ITA Fasteners has a proven track record of being a customer-centric company. We take full responsibility for the maintenance of the material supplied, irrespective of the quantity ordered. Our reputation in the world of fasteners is immaculate: a supplier rating report from one of our customers stated that our performance in terms of product quality, after-sales support and adherence to delivery-schedule, was 100%.

ITA Fasteners caters to a wide and varied clientele, including many MNCs