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Pin type Anchors

Pin Type Anchor Bolts


Pin type anchor bolts from ITA fasteners have interior holes which can extend upto the length of the anchor. The upper portion is where the drive pin is inserted. It is also where the threaded anchor is inserted. To sustain loads, these pin type fasteners use a friction locking principle. The outer surface could be designed with corrugations to resist turning and provide proper balance. They mostly come in the form of a zinc plated dichromate material.

Pin type anchor bolts find their use in soft masonry to reduce the effect of vibration and pressure. The most significant advantage of using these bolts is that it can be replaced without affecting the holding strength of the anchor system. Its usage can also be expanded to harder materials like stone, concrete, and bricks without affecting the area surrounding its impact. Applications which require higher pullout values also make use of pin type anchor bolts. At ITA Fasteners, these anchors are manufactured in stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and other materials.

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