External Circlips | JIS B 2804 | Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel Circlips

External Circlip

External Circlips


External circlips from ITA Fasteners come with axially fitted circlips with grooves which act as shafts of any rotatory assembly. These fasteners are made with curved beams of uniform strength. Towards the free ends, the radial width is reduced to ensure that a circular frame is maintained for continuous use. They are made of stainless, carbon steel, or alloy steel which makes them corrosion resistant and allows them to be used in extreme temperatures without losing their electrical or mechanical properties. This also allows them to be used in extremely high strength applications.

To attach or remove these fasteners, lugs with special holes have to be used. They are used in assemblies where a lot of centrifugal force is applied to it. These fasteners are used to prevent the loosening of the assembly against high rotational speeds. They are used to hold rolling bearings on its shaft to facilitate the smooth movement of the bearings.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 471, IS 3075 Part I, JIS B 2804

Size range:

SHAFT DIA Metric: Nil
Inches: 3mm to 130mm

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