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Castle Nuts

Castle Hex Nuts


Castle nuts from ITA Fasteners come with pre-drilled holes through which cotter pins can be inserted to hold the nuts securely in place. This gives the nuts the ability to withstand constant vibrations and allows them to stay in place during small movements. As these nuts are pre-drilled, they can be used without a pilot hole. These nuts are slotted, allowing it to be installed and removed using screwdrivers. It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion resistant.

Their structural uniqueness allows them to be used in mechanical and automotive applications where positive locking is required, like holding a wheel bearing in place. It is also used as a safety nut for other component designing applications. These screws are characterised by the protrusions extending from their bodies, which make it look like a castle’s top - hence the name castle nuts.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 935

Size range:

Metric: Nil
Inches: Nil

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