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Self Clinching Nuts

Self Clinching Nuts


Self-clinching nuts from ITA Fasteners are precision nuts used for sheet metal fastening. They have to be placed in precisely drilled holes and have a lateral squeezing force exerted on the head of the nut. The fastener is made an integral part of the sheet metal assembly by making the sheet metal cold flow into an undercut. To prevent the fastener from loosening and making it immune to vibrations, a serrated clinching ring is provided with the fastener.

Since it is made with stainless steel, carbon steel or alloy steel, these nuts are resistant to corrosion and provide its users with extremely high durability and strength which can absorb a tremendous amount of sheer pressure. The stainless steel makes the nuts to be used in any environmental condition and withstand any extreme in temperature fluctuations. Since they are precision nuts, ensure that they are used in the initial stages of your manufacturing.

Dimensional Standards:

ds: BN 20200

Size range:

Metric: Nil
Inches: Nil

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