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Solid Dowel Pins

Solid Dowel Pins


Solid Dowel pins from ITA fasteners are headless and come with lag threads at both ends. Our solid dowel pins are aptly designed to be inserted in pre-drilled pilot holes. To reduce the impact on surfaces, the end of the threads on either side is designed as a taper. The most common application of solid dowel pins is wood to wood fastening. Our products are engineered to reduce the impact on the surface beyond the point of impact.

The headless pins come with spiral grooves which allow the release of trapped air and can be easily removed with a screw. They are also used in applications which require high accuracy wherein the fastener is held in place using radial force for a lasting hold. To ensure consistency with its wide range of applications, ITA fasteners provide solid Dowel pins in various sizes and materials. In addition to that, custom pins can be developed for precision requirements.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 6325, IS 6669

Size range:

Metric: M2 to M16
Inches: Nil

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