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Self Clinching Studs

Self Clinching Studs


Self-Clinching Studs from ITA Fasteners are mostly used for fastening materials on to sheet metals. Our studs come in various sizes for applications in different environments and requirements. Using these studs means that it becomes a permanent fixture on wherever it is used for material installation. For that reason, ensure that the usage of these fasteners is pre-planned in the initial stages of a product's assembly.

To secure the stud in the sheet metal, a lateral squeezing force is applied on either end of it. They are mostly used in applications requiring high torque as well. It comes in stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel materials to lend an anti-corrosion attribute to the bolts. The primary advantage of these studs is that they are externally threaded and eliminate the need for loose bolts and screws. This indirectly reduces the cost of assembly and increases the structure's ability to handle extra load and torque.

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