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Socket Head Shoulder screw

Socket Head Shoulder Screws


Socket head shoulder screws from ITA Fasteners are used in applications which require a decent tensile strength. They are used in the designing of shearing components and machines whose components require the space and ability to swing, oscillate or pivot. They are also used in punch and die applications. These screws are pressure and heat treated to support shear loads like stripper plates and printing presses.

The dimensional specifications of these screws are denoted by their shoulder diameter. The shoulder diameter comes with a default length and thread diameter. The thread diameter is one size smaller than the shoulder length. We have used precision design technology to control the critical dimensions of the under head bearing surface and its radius. The run-out thread section and its profile are also designed meticulously. Such efficient production methods make sure the quality of the screws is unsurpassed, making the structure built with it, sturdy. It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion resistant.

Dimensional Standards:

ISO 7379, DIN 9841, BS 4168

Size range:

Metric: M6 to M24

Flange Button Socket Screws Dimensions

ISO 7379 - Hexagon Socket Shoulder screw

ISO 7379 -hexagonsocketshoulderscrew Dimensions
dPds nomb maxdk max (plain head)dg1 mindg2 maxk maxk ming1 maxg2 maxs nome mint minw min
M 61811.25137.424.585.55.322.52.544.583.31.15
M 81.251013.25169.426.2576.782.53.155.724.21.6
M 101.51316.41812.427.9198.782.53.766.864.91.8
M 121.751618.42415.429.571110.732.54.489.156.62
M 1622022.43019.4213.331413.732.551011.438.83.2
M 202.52527.43624.4216.571615.7336.31213.72103.25

BS2470 - Hexagon socket head shoulder screw with UNIFIED & BSW/BSF Threads

BS2470-hexagonsocketheadshoulderscrew Dimensions
Nominal SizeDAHSBTJK
 Shouder diameterHead diameterHead heightHead side heightNominal thread sizeThread lengthHexagon socket size*Key engage-ment
 Max.Min.Max.Min.Max.Min.Min. Max.Min.Nom.Min.
1/40.24800.24600.3750.3750.1880.1820.157No 10 or 3/160.3750.3551/80.094

ASME-B18.3- Hexagon socket head shoulder screw Unified threads

ASME-B18.3-hexagonsocketheadshoulderscrew Dimensions
Nominal Size (Basic Shoulder Diameter)"Shoulder Diameter, D[Note (1)]Head Diameter, A [Note(8)] Head Height, H Max Chamfer or Radius, C Nominal Hexagon Socket Size, J [Note (9)] Min. Key Engagement T Max Fillet Transition Diameter, M [Note (6)] Min. Head Filley Radius, R
1/4 (0.250)0.24800.24600.3750.3570.1880.1770.0201/80.1250.0940.2760.009
5/16 (0.312)0.31050.30850.4380.4190.2190.2090.0265/320.1560.1170.3450.012
3/8 (0.375)0.37300.37100.5620.5430.2500.2400.0313/160.1880.1410.4130.015
1/2 (0.500)0.49800.49600.7500.7290.3120.3020.0401/40.2500.1880.5500.020
5/8 (0.625)0.62300.62100.8750.8530.3750.3650.0505/160.3120.2340.6870.024
3/4 (0.750)0.74800.74601.0000.9770.5000.4900.0693/80.3750.2810.8260.030
1 (1.000)0.99800.99601.3121.2870.6250.6100.0831/20.5000.3751.0980.040
1 1/4 (1.250)1.24801.24601.7501.7230.7500.3750.1025/80.6250.4691.3680.050
1 1/2 (1.500)1.49801.49602.1252.0951.0000.9800.1387/80.8750.6561.6380.060
1 3/4 (1.750)1.74801.74602.3752.3451.1251.1050.15711.0000.7501.9080.070
2 (2.000)1.99801.99602.7502.7201.2501.2300.1761 1/41.2500.9372.1780.080

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