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Socket Low Head Cap Screws

Low Head Socket Cap Screws


Low head socket screws from ITA Fasteners are precision fasteners. They are used in low screw head height applications. Please note that this restricts the use of these screws to low strength applications. They come in stainless steel, carbon steel or alloy steel make, allowing these screws to resist corrosion and be used in underwater applications as well. In general, these screws are used in the designing of metal shears which require very low head length. Due to its low height and clean appearance, they are also used in home furniture assembly.

Despite its low height, the screws provide maximum fatigue control which is due to the tightly controlled fillet between the head and body. We stock low head socket cap screws in several dimensions depending on individual requirements. We also undertake custom orders of varying sizes. We assure prompt delivery of all our products in a short period.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 7984, ASME B18.3.1M

Size range:

Metric: M4 to M20

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