Socket Screws

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Socket screws are used in assemblies where there is very little space for using a traditional wrench. Instead of the regular drive interface, socket screws house a socket, to aid in fastening and unfastening. Therefore, it also requires a special wrench which can navigate through the smaller space and apply a sideways force to secure the screws. At ITA Fasteners, we carry a wide range of socket screws for your every possible need.

As leading socket screw suppliers in India, we have, socket head cap screws, socket countersunk head screws, socket button head cap screws, socket set screws, socket head shoulder screws, socket low head cap screws, flange button socket screws, spring plungers, and slotted ball plungers. With us, you can rest assured that you are using the best products for your components and assemblies. Click on the individual products to know more or get in touch with us at