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Self Drilling Screw-Hex Type

Hex Head Self Drilling Screws


Hex head self-drilling screws from ITA Fasteners are engineered to be corrosion resistant and come in various sizes and materials. Depending on the size, the applications of the hex self-drilling screws can vary - the smaller screws are used in applications like fixing thin gauge metals and fixing metal to wood. The larger screws are used in roofing and other industries which require self-drilling through tough metals. Our screws come in stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and other materials which prevents corrosion.

If the hex head self-drilling screws are used in extremely hard materials, it is advised to use it after a pilot hole has been drilled. Our screws are case hardened and heat-treated for applications requiring fastening of soft materials on hard ones. With a lower installation torque, the threads on these screws allow for a quick transition from drilling to tapping. For effective penetration, make sure that at least three threads of the fastener are inside the material.

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