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Self Tapping Screw CSK Raised Slotted Head Type AB

Csk Self Tapping Screws


CSK self-tapping screws from ITA fasteners can be used for fixing materials with low density, on to metals. Using this self-tapping screws means that there is no requirement for a pre-drill. ITA fasteners provide self-tapping screws in various dimensions for a wide range of applications. They are constructed with stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel materials which are corrosion resistant. These screws can be used for indoor and outdoor applications - their applications can also extend to the construction of structures underwater as they are rust resistant. They are mostly used with wood and light metal fixtures on heavy metal support structures. With its range of size, CSK self-tapping screws can drill holes which are anywhere between 5mm and 12 mm in depth.

Deep threaded screws in the slotted head AB type screws also offer grip and strength for securing materials with a single screw. It can also be used for securing and fixing wall plugs and general items which go up on walls.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 7971

Size range:

Metric:No.2 to No.14
Inches: Nil

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