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Self Tapping Screw Truss Pan Head / Philips Washer Type AB

Self Tapping Truss Head Screws / Philips Washer Type AB


Self-tapping screws from ITA fasteners are engineered to attach thin objects and materials to heavier support structures like wood, plastic, metal and much more. Our pan head self-tapping screws are self-drilling screws and remove the need to drill a pilot hole. They can be used even in a small surface area without damaging the material around it.

Our self-tapping truss head screws are constructed to be sturdy, rigid and compliant with international standards. Even with minimal clearance for drilling a hole, our screws can get the job done without damaging the surrounding area. It comes in a wide range of size starting from size 2 to size 14 and also in different materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel.

Depending on its size, its application lies in common household setups to attaching metal lathe to metal studs. Type AB screws have more threads per inch which allow it to handle sensitive and brittle materials more effectively than Type A sheet metal screws.

Dimensional Standards:

JIS B 1122

Size range:

Metric: No.2 to No.14
Inches: Nil

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