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Self Tapping Screw CSK Philips Type AB

Csk Phillips Head Self Tapping Screws


Csk Phillips head self-tapping screws from ITA Fasteners are high strength and durable fasteners used for sheet metal applications. To provide a perfect assembly, the countersunk variation of the philip screw has to be used in conjunction with a countersunk hole. The usage of these screws requires a pre-drilled hole. The screws themselves are threaded with twisted gradation which makes it easy to install on the pilot hole. This allows the screws to be used in high-precision applications like machine and electrical component assembly. An essential characteristic of these screws is the well-spaced threads and pointed tip, which is called the gimlet point.

It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion resistant. At ITA Fasteners we specialise in undertaking custom orders of large sizes. We also promptly deliver the same within the stipulated time frame.

Dimensional Standards:

Din 7982 C

Size range:

Metric: No.2 to No.14
Inches: Nil

Self Tapping Screw CSK Philips Type AB Dimensions

Dimensions of DIN 7982 C

din 7982 C - Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screws, Form C

Equivalent norms: DIN 7982 C; ISO 7050; CSN 21237; UNI 6955;

l - length of bolt
d - the nominal diameter of the thread
k - head height
dk - head diameter
s - groove width
Steel: steel - ISO 2702
Stainless: A2
Plastic: -
Non Ferrous: -
Thread: ISO 1478
Table according to ISO 7050:
dimensions in mm

Thread sizeST2,2ST2,9ST3,5(ST3,9)ST4,2ST4,8ST5,5ST6,3
Cross recessNo.11222233
Type Hmapprox.2,534,24,64,75,16,87,1
Penetration deptdmin.1,021,41,622,032,112,592,953,33
Type Zmapprox.2,42,93,94,14,34,76,26,7
Penetration deptdmin.1,11,481,61,852,052,642,723,38
ymax.Type C22,63,23,53,74,356
Type F1,62,12,52,72,83,23,63,6

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