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Countersunk Head Rivets

Countersunk Head Rivets


Countersunk rivets from ITA Fasteners come with a flat head and a tubular or shank rivet running through the length of its body. They are made with stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel which makes them highly durable for high strength applications and suitable for usage in extreme temperatures. These rivets are mainly used in applications where the head of the assembled rivet has to be flush with the top of the workpiece. This gives the entire assembly an impeccable finish as well.

Make sure that the angle in which the workpiece and the rivet are the same as the hole drilled through the base material. They are joined together by compressing the end of the rivet using special tools. By doing this, they can hold friction materials and also prevent any loosening due to vibrations. The tightness with which they are joined can be adjusted by applying different forces to the top of its head.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 661, ISO 1051

Size range:

Metric: As Per Requirement
Inches: As Per Requirement

Round Head Rivet Dimensions

Countersunk head rivet Dimensions of DIN 661 - Countersunk Head Rivet

DIN 661 - Countersunk Head Rivets

Equivalent norms: ISO 1051 C; CSN 22311; PN 82954; UNI 1051;

d2 - head diameter
k - head height
l - rivet length
d1 - the nominal diameter of the rivet
e - Location nominal diameter from the bottom of the head
d3 - minimum diameter of the shaft
Steel: steel
Stainless: A2, A4
Plastic: -
Non Ferrous: Brass, Copper, Aluminium
Thread: -
Notes: -
Table according to DIN 661:
dimensions in mm


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