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Hex Insert Nuts


Hex insert nuts from ITA Fasteners are used for sheet applications where a drilled or tapped thread cannot be used for structural reasons. They come in an opened or closed end cold forged stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel. This makes the nuts extremely durable even in hot and cold temperature extremes. They are used extensively in the automotive and electronic industry for designing high precision components. But their primary application lies in building sheet metal enclosures. They are preferred due to their high load bearing abilities without loosening with vibrations and small movements.

These nuts are extremely cost-effective as they completely remove the need for tapping threads and general-purpose nuts. They are an excellent choice when only one side of the workpiece is available. The side on which they are operated is called the ‘blind' side.

Dimensional Standards:


Size range:

Metric: As Per Requirement
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