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Round Head Rivets

Round Head Rivets


Round head rivets from ITA Fasteners are used in applications which require very low resistance to vibrations and small movements. They are designed with a round head on one end and a solid shank on the other end. The shank end is used to provide a straight cut off for improved alignment in any structure. Round head rivets are one of the most robust rivets available in the market - they are hardened for usage in extremely high strength applications. The rivets are fastened by first inserting it into the work material, and then the shank is pressed with specialised tools for clinching the material. Depending on the base material and load to be handled, different amounts of torque is required to fasten the rivets.

These nuts are also very easy and quick to assemble but require special tools to be used. Due to the material grain flow created by the solid rivet and shank swelling, one of the most robust riveted joints is created. It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion resistant.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 660, ISO 1051, UNI 748

Size range:

Metric: As Per Requirement
Inches: As Per Requirement

Round Head Rivet Dimensions

Round head rivet Dimensions of DIN 660 - Round Head Rivets

DIN 660 - Round Head Rivets

Equivalent norms: ISO 1051 B; CSN 22301; PN 82952; UNI 1051;

d2 - head diameter
k - head height
l - rivet length
d1 - the nominal diameter of the rivet
e - Location nominal diameter from the bottom of the head
d3 - minimum diameter of the shaft
Steel: steel
Stainless: A2, A4
Plastic: -
Non Ferrous: Brass, Copper, Aluminium
Thread: -
Notes: -
Table according to DIN 660:
dimensions in mm


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