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Hammer Rivet

Hammer Rivets


Hammer rivets from ITA Fasteners are made with stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel which makes them extremely durable for use in very high strength applications. They can also be used in applications which have to be deployed near the sea because they are corrosion resistant. Like any other rivets, the hammer rivet comes with a tubular shank running through the entire length of its body. To insert it, a pressure is exerted on its head. It is used in blindside applications in which only one side of the structure is exposed to us, and the fastener has to be tightened and loosened from only that side.

Hammer rivets have to be used along with special tools to be tightened or removed. The end bit of the tool is placed on the grooves of its head and pressure is applied to loosen or tighten it. These rivets provide the assembly with one of the strongest holds possible. This makes them the go-to fastener for applications which undergo frequent and constant vibrations and small movements.

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