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Spiral Pin

Spiral Dowel Pins


Spiral pins have been around for several decades now. They were first produced in 1948 and used as shock absorbing entities in complex assemblies. This is how they are still used today. They offer extreme resistance to vibrations and small movements, securing the entire assembly in tough terrains and locations and rough usage. They are extremely easy to install and come with a meager installation cost. They provide flexibility and strength to the overall assembly of any product.

And like good fasteners, these pins from ITA Fasteners come with a good stress distribution ability across even uneven surfaces. In addition to this, they have closer diameter tolerance which is what makes them one of the most cost-effective solutions for being used as shock absorbers. Since they come in several dimensions, you do not have to worry about any slippages or extreme tightness. It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion resistant. You can place custom orders with us, and we would be happy to oblige.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 7343

Size range:

Metric: As Per Requirement
Inches: As Per Requirement

Spiral Pins Dimensions

spiral pin Dimensions of DIN 7343 spiral pin

DIN 7343 - Spiral-span pins, rule execution

Current norm: DIN EN 8750

Equivalent norms: ISO 8750; CSN 022162; PN 85029; UNI 6875; EU 28750;

l - pin length
d1 - pin diameter
a - taper
s - wall thickness of the pin
d2 - diameter rise
Steel: 420-545 HV
Stainless: A2
Plastic: -
Non Ferrous: -
Thread: -
Notes: -
Table according to ISO 8750:
Dimensions im mm

d2before mountingmax.0,750,951,151,41,92,42,93,43,94,855,857,89,7511,713,615,619,6
Minimum shear strength, double, kNa0,40,60,91,452,53,95,57,59,61522396289120155250
lRange of commercial lengths

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