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Taper Pins - Tapered Dowel Pins

Tapered Dowel Pins


Tapered dowel pins from ITA Fasteners are used mostly to lock two shafts together. This means that these pins are incredibly resistant to vibrations and small movements, completely preventing any loosening within the structure built. Taper pins are nothing but small steel rods with one end with a small diameter and the opposite end with a larger diameter. Some of these screws have male screw threads on the end with the smaller diameter. These pins can be used to project through a dimensional hole, and then you will be able to fasten the pin with a washer and nut.

If the pins are threaded on both ends, the end with the larger diameter is used to fasten the pin using a nut and washer assembly. Special reamers are used to create the pilot hole for these taper pins. The dimensions of the reamers to be used is determined by the smaller diameter of the taper pin. It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion resistant.

Dimensional Standards:


Size range:

Metric: 2mm to 16mm
Inches: 3/32” to 5/8”

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