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Tab Washers with a Long Tab

Tab Washers


As the name suggests, tab washers are mostly used to fit or fix taps in bathrooms. At ITA Fasteners, we store a wide range of washers for your every need. Tab washers with long tabs are made to meet the strictest industry standards from around the globe. The most significant advantage of these washers is that they require very little turning force using which they efficiently handle the torque. These washers can also be easily sealed to prevent any water loss while being operated on.

In addition to this, these washers are made with stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel. This guarantees that the life of these washers will span several decades despite being constantly around water. Their stainless steel make also allows them to be used in extreme temperatures equally efficiently. This means that wherever you are building a house, you can be sure that the quality of these washers will not be compromised on due to the weather.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 93, UNI 6600

Size range:

Metric: As Per Requirement
Inches: As Per Requirement

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