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Tension Control Bolts

Tension Control Bolts


Tension control bolts from ITA Fasteners are used for steel to steel fastening. As they are made from stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel, they can be used for highly demanding high strength applications and are often preferred over large hex bolts. They are structurally the most suited for providing the exact tensioning required to fasten steel frames. Since they are material specific, it requires a special wrench to fasten Tension control bolts. You can either use adjustable electrical wrenches or purchase dimensionally accurate ones for large scale projects.

Once the bolts are installed, the extension is sheared off upon adequate tensioning. This ensures that any amount of slippage is prevented. If fatigue is an important consideration for your structure, then preloaded bolts like TC bolts are highly recommended. These bolts ensure that the tension across the structure is evenly distributed. In addition to this, these bolts are excellent to handle vibrations and small movements experienced by the assembly built.

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