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Wire Thread Inserts by Helicoil / Recoil / Thread Repair Kits

Helicoil/Recoil Thread Repair Kit


Helicoil/recoil thread repair kits from ITA Fasteners come with everything you need to repair the health of helicoils. Every individual component comes with a specific purpose to fix any damaging to the threads of helicoils and recoils. With this kit, even the most complex repairs can be easily accomplished. Since helicoils are often used in the automotive industry, it is often purchased in bulk. We understand that it would be futile to purchase individual helicoils if just a few are damaged or repaired.

Another factor to consider is that, despite purchasing helicoils from vendors like ITA Fasteners who provide fasteners at extremely reasonable prices, it would be time-consuming and counterproductive to keep ordering replacements when these coils can be easily repaired. For any manufacturer, having a few thread repair kits can go a long way in reducing the latency caused by complex repairs and replacements.

Dimensional Standards:

IS 2269, ISO 4762, DIN 912, BS 4168, BS 2470, ASME B18.3.1M , JIS B1176

Size range:

Metric: M2 to M42
Inches: 1/8” to 1"

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