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Plain Washers / Punched Washers Plate Washers

Plain or punched or flat washers


High hardness and low deformation plain washers, punched washers, and flat washers from ITA fasteners can be used as a spacer or a load distributor. The washers are designed for environmental protection. Washers from ITA fasteners also provide abrasion resistance and corrosion prevention. With good electrical and thermal conductivity, our washers can be used in sheet metal work, plumbing, auto body construction and repair, and other electrical applications.

For long-lasting durability, the washers are made with high-quality steel, brass, and other materials. The washers come in large diameters for specific applications requiring a good amount of surface load reduction. Plain washers also provide insulation against heat and electricity and prevent the threaded material from taking the heat. Our flat and punched washers are mostly used to spread the load over a wide surface and act as a barrier between the fastener and surface when the hole is larger than the nut.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 125, DIN EN 14399-6, DIN 125 300HV, DIN 6916, DIN 440, ASTM F436-023, UNI 6592

Size range:

Metric: M3 to M42
Inches: As Per Requirement

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