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Washers are an essential part of the fasteners' family. They are primarily used to distribute the load evenly on the bearing surface and ensure that they are no dimensional slippage between the different components being fastened. Washers are also used to ensure that the structure being built is resistant to small movements and continuous vibrations. This makes them almost indispensable while constructing anything.

At ITA Fasteners, we stock several types of washers in multiple dimensional standards and material of construction. To name a few of the washers we stock, we have spring washer/helical lock washers, spherical washer with conical seat, plain/punched/plate washers, belleville washers, HSFG washers, disc springs, taper washer, wedge lock washer, wave washers for ball bearings, serrated lock washers - internal and external, rib washers, shims and support rings. Reach out to us at sales@itafasteners.com to know more about our products and services.