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Spherical Washers with conical Seat

Spherical Washers With Conical Seat


ITA Fasteners stocks spherical washers with conical seats. These are special types of washers on which a conical seat is permanently fastened to a spherical washer. They offer excellent functional safety to any component designed with it and ensure that the equipment is secured against frictional and other types of losses. They are also extremely easy to use and allow you to assemble the equipment very quickly.

Made with heat-treated stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel, these screws are corrosion resistant and can be used in extremely hot or cold temperatures – even in underwater applications. They can be used in these temperatures without losing their electrical or mechanical properties. At ITA Fasteners, we undertake custom orders of any size and are committed to delivering it promptly to you.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 6319

Size range:

Metric: M8 to M42
Inches: As Per Requirement

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