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Rib Washer

Rib Washers


Rib washers have a trapezoidal cross section for a better grip and come in the form of disc springs. These washers from ITA Fasteners are easy to work with and can be quickly fastened to sheet metal surfaces to distribute the load. They ensure that other fasteners placed on the support structure are not loosened. Due to the vibrations caused by the tightening of bolts, the serrations go into the mating faces of the washer and prevent the fasteners from loosening.

The fundamental purpose of a washer is to distribute the load, and our rib lock washers do that excellently by holding in the necessary tension. These screws come in various sizes to suit a wide range of applications. While working with screws and rib washers, ensure that the outer diameter of the screw is in perfect alignment with the head diameter of the screw. These washers go through a touch pre-tensioning process for increasing strength. In addition to that, our rib washers come in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel materials.

Dimensional Standards:

BN 13292

Size range:

Metric: M3 to M30
Inches: As Per Requirement

Rib Washer Dimensions

BN 13292 rib washer dimensions

BN 13292 - Rib Washer

BN 13292
Lock washers
medium series
Spring steel
zinc flake coated GEOMET® 500 A
Article#Md1 mind2h max.s

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