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Taper Washer

Taper Lock Washers


Taper washers from ITA Fasteners are durable and high strength washers which come in square or half round shapes. They are designed to allow the bolt assembly to fit on support structures seamlessly. They can be used on channel sections and underneath nuts to ensure that it is rigid. These washers are mainly used to correct alignments in structures and ensure that the parallelism is consistent throughout the product.

With one side of it consisting of a sloping angle, it is a type of flat washer which is square or circular in the center. They can be used in applications which require the fastening of bolts into I-beams, U-beams and American Standard beams. Our washers come in carbureted carbon steel and stainless steel for applications requiring varied strength. You can also get quotes for customised taper washers as per your different requirements and sizes. Contact us for more details.

Dimensional Standards:

DIN 6918

Size range:

Metric: M6 to M42
Inches: As Per Requirement

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