The world of structural design and deployment would literally crumble without the use of fasteners. If they are rightly used, fasteners can be extremely versatile in how they can do the work for you. But there are several occasions where fasteners are not used to the best of their capabilities. This could stem from various reasons like the lack of understanding of how to use the right type of fasteners or trying to reduce the cost of building a structure or component without considering the structural implications of using the wrong fasteners.

While a lot has been said about the right ways to use fasteners, we give you a handy guide to help you navigate through the common mistakes you can make while using fasteners and how you can avoid them.

Choosing the right fasteners

When it comes to mistakes made while using fasteners, the elephant in the room is the use of incorrect fasteners for incorrect applications. For example, if you are using the fasteners in structures which are underwater or close to the sea, you have to use galvanised or stainless steel to increase its longevity. Considering the number of fasteners available for every application, it could be convenient to just pick one and use it without considering much else. But it is crucial to understand the basics of component or structural design and the ins and outs of the application you are using the fasteners for and then take an informed decision.

Getting dimensional accuracy right

Once you have chosen the right fastener in terms material of construction and a complete understanding of your project’s scope, the next step is to select dimensionally accurate fasteners. Even a small error could spiral into a structural failure for critical constructions. For example, an inaccuracy of even one millimeter could disrupt the evenness of the load on a washer, leading to imbalance, loosening and corrosion in the long run. To choose the perfect fastener, you could work with a few fasteners in a mockup of your project before using them on the original surface.

Using the proper tools

The improper use of the tools you use to fasten nuts, bolts and screws in place can have adverse effects on the structural integrity of what you are building. Sometimes, one might take the proper use of fastening tools for granted. He/she might use a normal screwdriver when a Phillips head screwdriver is required to be used. One might even use screw guns and drills interchangeably. In such cases, once again, the load on the surface might not be evenly distributed which can cause structural failures.

Incorrect Settings

A setting can be anything from a washer or the flatness of the surface. For example, in an effort to ensure that the fasteners are securely placed, the user might overdrive the fastener, resulting in microfractures of the structure or the fastener itself. A setting could also be the power cord used on drillers and other machines, which could affect the drilling efficiency of the drills. To ensure that every setting is perfect, make a checklist of everything that is going to go into the making of your structure or component and tick it off one by one. While this may seem tedious at first, it can definitely go a long way in reducing possible errors while using fasteners.

Improper Safety Measures

Implementing effective safety measures is probably one of the most crucial aspects of using fasteners. Considering the high powered accessories which drive fasteners into place, it is very important to have a thorough understanding of the electrical and other precautions you must take while using fasteners. Most people take precautionary measures against the most obvious and possible mishaps. The accidents caused by something as small as a fastener is often overlooked. But we insist that you keep in place an airtight safety system against all the possible hazards, irrespective of their size.

While everything we have mentioned might seem trivial, it is crucial to get it all calculated and checked before you actually drill a hole! Take the extra measures to ensure that you have everything down to perfection and you’ll be able to see drastic differences in the outcome of your efforts.

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