We are happy to inform you that ITA Fasteners has been approved by the Indian Defense Manufacturing Sector to supply parts to the Ministry of Defense. To be able to contribute in our own little way to the protection of our country is definitely a badge of honour for us. But getting there was definitely not easy. Our Government looks only for the best in class materials and services when it comes to protecting our nation. It was only because that we understood this requirement very clearly, did we manage to get the approval.

Providing fastening materials to one of India’s most prestigious organisations requires dedication and quality of another level entirely. Being approved by the defense manufacturing sector, while giving us the satisfaction that we are one of India’s best fasteners suppliers, also enabled us to become more accountable and hold ourselves responsible.

We understood that we had to extend beyond just providing the quality materials - we had to provide top notch service in terms of delivery and testing. Every material that we send out to our clients will meet the strictest compliances of national and international requirements.

Defense Case Study

However, we encountered a hiccup in our dealings with the Defense Ministry which was promptly and efficiently solved by the management of ITA Fasteners. This only possible due to the vast experience accumulated over four decades of being the leader in the industry. Let us highlight the issue at hand and how we went about rectifying the situation.

The problem

In this situation, the part that we were supplying to the Defense was bolts. There were three types of bolts, MS90727-232, MS90727-273, MS90727-275, which were critical components of an important machinery. This means that not even the smallest errors was acceptable by our clients and rightly so!

Like we mentioned earlier, we ensure that every component that leaves our unit is tested extensively using gauges and other complex testing equipment. While everything was alright and up to specification from our end, when the inspecting team from the Defense’s side conducted their tests, the dimensional specification did not match what was sent. After careful analysis and introspection, we zeroed in on the cause.

The Cause

The issue was that, the threads of the bolts were of the UNF type, which meant that the threads were finer than the threads of regular bolts. During transition from our unit to the Defense, the bolts were in constant contact with each other which resulted in minor damages to the threads. During the long transit, this actually lead to blisters and other dimensional problems. Therefore, the parts became unusable in any application.

The Solution

We understood that the solution to this problem required going all out of the perfect packaging while still optimising our cost and resources in the effort. The most effective way of packing the bolts, we determined, was creating individual compartments for individual bolts to ensure that they did not come in direct contact with each other. While this would have been enough to resolve the issue, we went a step ahead and wrapped the threads of the bolts in nylon sleeves and also bubble wrapped the entire fastener before placing them in quality five-ply corrugated boxes.

After taking these precautionary measures, our bolts were never compromising in terms of dimensional, electrical and mechanical specifications. As you must have seen in several other cases, we do everything we can to ensure that our clients get the best service from us. When it came to the Defense, we grabbed the opportunity to serve our nation and we are proud that we did it well and will continue to do so. We understand that meticulous service is just as important as quality products and that is why we are the most preferred destination for purchasing fasteners.

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