Workers require specific fasteners to affix two objects together and complete a construction project. Structural Fasteners are characterised by strong, heavy-duty materials that facilitate the construction of structures employing steel to steel connections. They are an ideal choice of tool for connecting one metal structure to another.

Structural fasteners come in a variety of types and are used for a wide range of applications. They are widely used in bridge and building construction, to connect metal beams and girders. To qualify as tools employed primarily for “structural” purposes, fasteners need to be made of quenched and tempered steel with a minimum tensile strength of 120 ksi.

Heavy Hex Bolts

heavy hex bolt

Heavy hex bolts are characterised by a distinct hexagonal head, making them larger and thicker than standard hex bolts. Heavy hex structural bolts are ideal for steel-to-steel structural connections. They are typically very short. The A325 and A490 specifications are not intended for general applications, including anchor bolts. A449 for A325 and A354 grade BD for A490 are a more suitable choice in these applications.

Heavy Hex Nuts

hex nut

Also known as Finish Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts are used along with bolts - both for strength and for a thick finished look.

Flat Washers

flat washer

These are high hardness and low deformation plain washers, punched washers, or flat washers, used as spacers and load distributors.

Bolts and Cap Screws

carriage bolt

They include carriage bolts; Grade two, five, and eight plow bolts, and more.

Construction Screws

self-drilling screw

They are structural fasteners that include, among a wide list, self-drilling screws, roofing screws, reamer screws, and lath screws.


inserts rivets

Inserts that are employed in projects include flange inserts, thread-serts, and blind inserts.

Weld Studs

weld nuts

They are heavy-duty fasteners that include weld studs, concrete anchors, and more.

Threaded Studs

threaded studs

Whether you’re going with an all-thread rod or an all-thread stud, they are perfect for heavy-duty projects including manufacturing equipment, motors, and construction.

As seen above, there is a wide variety of structural fasteners, each suitable for specific applications. When used properly with the right hardware elements, they perform their functions successfully. Insisting on the highest quality when choosing structural fasteners is essential, as they will hold together heavy and crucial structures.

Thus, structural fasteners should be durable, sturdy, rust-proof and corrosion-free, and serve their purpose over a long period of time. Using poor quality structural fasteners not only reduces the strength of the structure but also puts lives at risk.

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