If you are part of a large manufacturing company, you must be familiar with this scenario: waiting for the stock of a particular component to completely deplete before placing an order with your vendor, only to realise that you need the products as soon as possible. In most industries, this situation happens more often than not, prompting the exclusive design and implementation of an industrial vending solution.

Improving Inventory Management

Industrial vending solutions like placing a vending machine for components in the factory floor, have created an effective buffer between industrial supply and demand. This has made it one of the most sought-after solutions for better inventory management. Couple that with its powerful electronic and IT architecture which automatically mails your vendors about short supplies, you have a extremely powerful inventory control tool which virtually eliminates any delay in manufacturing due to short supply of initial components.

Industrial Vending Machines

At ITA Fasteners, we have engineered an ingenious industrial supply solution for fasteners, which can bridge the demand gap in your supply chain process. It is a straightforward vending machine which you can use to store fasteners right in your factory’s floor. This can effectively reduce the hassle you have to go through otherwise to place the orders and manage your inventory.

It also mails us on behalf of your organisation to replenish fasteners whose stock has gone below a set threshold level. It is an end to end solution to automate and micromanage the stocks of your fasteners. With this, you can rest assured that you stay on top of your component requirement and ensure that your manufacturing process runs as smoothly as possible.

Features of the Industrial Vending Machine

Configurable and Secure:

You can customise your vending machine according to the materials needed and how often you use it. You can also configure it in terms of setting the threshold for each item. This means that whenever the count of an item reaches below the threshold value, the system will send an email to us to deliver the component to you. The machines come secured with the anti-breakage and anti-theft provisions to ensure safety and security.

Impeccable Design:

The vending machine is made with high-end components to store items of varying sizes. It allows you to store anything from screws to large gauges. It comes with a carousel frame to organize items based size, and coils and draws which aid in the smooth movement within the machine.

Suited for Industrial Environment:

The software is capable of handling extremely complex transactions with ease, allowing you to send back items into the vending machines without any repacking needs. This effectively allows you to implement an industrial best practice across all your inventory management processes.

While everything we have mentioned might seem trivial, it is crucial to get it all calculated and checked before you actually drill a hole! Take the extra measures to ensure that you have everything down to perfection and you’ll be able to see drastic differences in the outcome of your efforts.

Advantage of Industrial Vending Machine

  • The machine placed on the manufacturing floor bridges the gap between internal supply and demand, allowing you to forecast demand and map product usage accordingly.
  • The software installed with the system tracks all the transactions made using the machine.
  • Automatic replenishment allows you to save time and expenses.
  • It reduces inventory spend.
  • Reduced travel time.
  • You can get complete control and accountability from your employees who use the machine.

At ITA Fasteners, we are constantly evolving to be more inclusive of our customers’ needs. Due to popular demand, we now provide a customised industrial vending machine which caters to large companies and their constantly growing fastener needs. Please reach out to us at sales@itafasteners.com or visit our website to know more about Industrial Vending Solutions.

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