Fasteners are a vital component in the design of wooden cabinets, structural components, and furniture of different varieties. There are several fasteners that are ideal for securing wood-to-wood attachments. Let’s explore them here:

Deep-Threaded Type Screws

These screws are characterised by a single lead thread, and feature a smaller diameter shank. High resistance against pull-out forces is created by the deeper thread, significantly more so than standard wood screws. These are an ideal choice for putting together material used for cabinet hardware.

There are also a few variations on the standard deep-threaded wood screws. Type 17 wood screws are similar to the standard deep thread screws, but they come with the additional benefit of the distinct type 17 screw point. These are similar to the type 17 deep thread wood screws, but they also provide nibs under the head for the purpose of countersinking the screw - the result in a flush finish.

Nuts, Bolts

Nuts and bolts are available in so many varieties, widths, and lengths, that it is almost impossible to procure all of them; on the other hand, that is precisely what renders them so useful and universal in application. Find the right length and width for the woodworking application you are engaged in, and establish a solid foundation for fastening.

Large Washer Head Type Screws

These screws feature a solid, immovable washer that is built-in, and which creates a large bearing surface to resist pull-out problems. They normally have a phillips drive, but can be sourced along with different drive styles if required for the application.

Combo Truss Head Type Screws

They are machine screws featuring a domed head, characterised by a combination phillips and flat head drive and are extremely easy to use.

Special Screws for Cabinet Installation

They feature the large bearing surface that characterises a truss head, helping you eliminate pull-through and allowing maximum torque to the screw in order to ensure there is a proper fit against the wall. Another great benefit of this type is that they can be custom painted to match the colours of the material.


Dowel screws are fasteners without heads that are threaded on both ends to help the fasteners remain concealed while keeping two pieces of wood together. Commonly used to fix legs to chairs and tables, dowels can be used in any application where two pieces of wood need to be attached while the fastener remains concealed. A pre-drilling of the hole, however, is necessary.

Twin Thread Wood screws

Twin thread wood screws are fasteners characterised by a single lead start, and an ideal choice if what you’re looking for is fast installation. The sharp point enables a quick start. Soft timber projects are significantly improved by the use of twin thread wood screws.

Coarse Thread and Fine Thread Wood Screws

Coarse threads are characterised by a larger pitch, which means a fewer number of threads within a specific axial distance. They have a shorter thread form in proportion to the screw diameter; course threads, on the other hand, are distinguished by a larger thread form in proportion to the screw diameter.

Pneumatic Pins and Nails

These are extremely valuable, along with your nailer and compressor; but bear in mind that you will need several pins, brads, and nails to fully secure an attachment. Select different lengths in the gauges that are appropriate for your application.

ITA Fasteners brings you a range of different fasteners that are ideal for woodworking projects. We cover the entire gamut of woodworking screws - a range of drive styles, head types, and material. With our expertise and experience as thought-leaders in the world of fasteners, we carefully assess and understand your specific needs, providing you the right choice of fasteners for your project

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