Before pre-applied solutions, fasteners lacked a certain degree of reliability and security. In fact, the problem of vibrations damaging machinery and reducing the life of fasteners was thought of as unsolvable before pre-applied fasteners. Pre-applications are wet resins which harden on coming in contact with metal, in the absence of air. They are chemically solvent-free liquids which are used for sealing and locking threaded parts

Our pre-applied solutions are dry to touch and are therefore easy to work with and come with uncompromised quality. This leads to a cascading effect in which your threaded fasteners become self-locking and less expensive to buy. In addition to this, our pre-applied solutions are environment-friendly. However, the biggest advantage has to be how the bright colours of the solution make it easy for you to inspect the quality and grade of the material.

Types of pre-applied thread locking

Driloc is a basic adhesive which provides resistance against vibrations and prevents fasteners from loosening. The solution is only activated during product assembly and the resultant polymer which forms is a strong yet thin layer which does not permit any movement between the threads.

Vibra-seal is mostly used for sealing tapered or parallel threads. It comes with a high level of lubricating ability, which provides excellent torque tension during assembly. The seal you get with vibra-seal is instant and permanent - this will prevent even the smallest leakages during disassembly.

Anti-seize is a high temperature, anti-wear adhesive for threaded fasteners. The lubricant is dry to touch and can be used on products like manifold bolts, catalytic converter, and oven screws. Anti-seize lubricant allows the product it is used on, to be reused up to 5 times.

Advantages of using our lubricants

Economical and practical - since these lubricants drastically increase the reusability of fasteners, the fasteners themselves can be economical.

Meets specifications - pre-applied fasteners are widely used across several industries by the largest companies. The lubricants do not affect the dimensional or electromechanical properties of the fasteners.

Provides resistance to vibrations - using pre-applied fasteners is easily the most effective and economical solution for vibration resistance. There is no requirement for sophisticated equipment or machine to reduce the effects of vibration.

Low torque and instant seal - this allows for quick and easy installation and locks any amount of corrosion between the threads.


Fasteners are lubricated with pre-application to be used in the following applications

  • Power trains
  • Chassis
  • Automobile frame & body
  • Engine flywheel bolt
  • Rear axle housing
  • Power steering assembly

ITA Fasteners is one of India’s best fastener manufacturing companies, and our products come pre-application with the necessary coatings as per your requirements. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide consultation as well as manufacturing solutions to suit all your fastening needs. To know more about our services and products, get in touch with us at

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