Security screws are tamper-proof and are mostly used in securing important equipment like ATM machines, jail grills, license plates, cars and other critical equipment. Security screws are tamper-resistant because they cannot be taken apart by stand drivers. This is because the head of the security screws are unique from one batch to another and a special driver is provided to users and cannot be duplicated elsewhere. The following are the various types of security screws.

One Way Screws

One way screws, also known as irreversible screws, are a very unique drive style which ensures that it can only be driven out in the driver moving in one direction. If the driver moves the head in an incorrect direction, the screw will instantly cam. To achieve this, the drives are manufactured in quadrants to accept the driver’s momentum if moved in the right direction. The biggest advantage of one way screws is that they require a standard slotted bit for easy installation and yet, they cannot be removed with a standard tool. It requires its corresponding removal tool to ensrue safe removal.

These screws are mainly used to protect certain properties placed in public areas like bathroom fixtures, floor-mounted safes, and license plates. High quality one way screws can be trusted for reliability for a very long time.

Spanner Security Screws

The spanner security screw is also known as the “Snake Eye” due to its elegant and snake-like groove on the head. The corresponding drill bit required is also unique and should ideally come with the two-dot drive system. Spanner security screws are manufactured to protect public installations that need to be constantly removed and therefore not required to be protected by the one-way screws. For example, gutters in most cities are secured with spanner security screws. They are also used in jail grills and bathroom stalls.

These screws are made tamper-proof as it requires a dimensionally paired spanner bit to safely remove it without harming the component that is being protected by the screws.

Torx Security Screws

Torx is a very special security screw that comes with 6 lobes and pin which need to be driven with security bits to ensure safe and smooth installation and removal of the fastener. These screws are characterised by the standard 6 lobes or stardrive and a central pin. The biggest advantage of Torx screws is that, in addition to the lobes providing tamper-resistance, the pin provides another dimension to security.

Tri-groove Security Nuts

Tri-groove security nuts come with a tapered diameter to ensure that the nuts remain tamper-proof even if an intelligent attempt is made to try and loosen it. Even gripping devices are unable to tamper with these nuts are they are installed using a special tri-groove socket.

At ITA Fasteners, we know how much importance should be placed on protecting crucial materials. That is why we manufacture and stock security screws which are highly difficult to mess with. We also manufacture custom security screws as per your requirements. To know more about our security screws and other services, get in touch with us now.

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